Επαρχιακή Οδός Ρέθυμνου-Αγίας Γαλήνης, Τρία Μοναστήρια 741 00, Ελλάδα
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Category: Fun & Sports

The municipal sports centre of Gallos in Rethymno, also called Pavlos Vardinogiannis (formerly "National"), is located at Gallos area, as its name suggests, on the southwest of the city. It has a capacity of 1,300 spectators (seated) and was built in 1992. Today, the stadium is owned by the Municipality. It has a one single roofed stand on the west, and is now used for hosting the annual international athletics meeting, Vardinoyiannia. Unfortunately, the stadium and its facilities are not accessible to people with disabilities. There are no changing rooms accessible to wheelchair users and the seats for spectators are elevated without any means of access. However, wheelchair users can access the turf from the side entrance.